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How do I find out the Start and End dates of my course?

  • Full question: Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to find out the start and end dates of my course. I am a first year MEng student studying electronic and elctrical engineering, and the name of my degree is "Electrical Energy Systems". Thanks in advance


    Hi Ali,


    Term dates are can found here:  http://www.strath.ac.uk/studying/currentstudent/keydates/


    Exam dates here:  http://www.strath.ac.uk/exams/examdates/


    Students are expected to be be available until the end of the exam period but once you have your exam dates you might find you will finish a little earlier than the final date depending upon when your exams fall.

    Hope that helps.

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Need a bed!

  • Full question: Hi, I will be a post graduate student at Strathclyde in September and I am finding it really difficult to find some accommodation, can you put me in the right direction. I would like to find somewhere within walking distance to uni with other students, other post grad students if possible.


    Hi Manninagh,


    You can find lots of information about finding accommodation here:  http://www.strathstudents.com/findinghousing 


    There is a lot of student accommodation all over the city so hopefully you'll be able to find something you like.


    Good luck!


Need help from anyone who has ever shopped at Tesco's

  • Full question: It would be great if you can help me share your opinion about Tesco's product for my dissertation :) https://strathbusiness.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_39Kkje67bAegBQ9 My dissertation is to compare attitude about private label brand (House brand) between Thai and UK customers by using "Tesco" as a scope of the study. So I still lots of participants to complete my survey. It would be nice if you could help or share the link to your friends :)) Thank you very much.


    Hi there,


    You can also advertise questionnaires and surveys through The Marketplace under 'Chance to Win' (assuming your survey has an incentive or prize!).


    Good luck with your dissertation!

    Uni and Studies

Public transportation

  • Full question: Hello,  I am a Canadian international student moving to Glasgow to study in July. I do not drive and will not own a car, so I was wondering what my best route would be in regard to pubic transport. I have an apartment on the west end and will be commuting to Strathclyde university and to placements around the city for the next year. I will also want to be able to easily commute around the city in general during my studies there. I would preferably like to purchase some kind of transit pass that I can use unlimited and pay for monthly, or perhaps some kind of card that allows you to put money on and get a discount. What would be my best and cheapest route to go regarding this? I know that Glasgow has a bus, train, and subway systems but I am not really sure if there are student discounts, if you have to pay for different systems separately, etc.  Thank you,  Lanette


    Hi Lanette,


    It sounds like you would be best to look into getting a Zonecard, everyone you need to know can be found here:  http://www.spt.co.uk/travelcards/zonecard/


    Happy travelling!

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I will be joining in sept 2014. When will I be required to pay the fees other than the deposit amount?

  • Full question: I will be joining the business school msc program in sept 2014. I have already paid the required deposit of 2000 pound. When do I hav to pay the remaiming fees?


    Hi Karishma. For any queries about your fees and payment deadlines, you should contact the University's Student Financial Support Team. There is more information about them at http://www.strath.ac.uk/studentfinancialsupport/ and you can email them at s.finance@strath.ac.uk or phone them on 0141 548 2753. They are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.


FOR CHLOE B:How can I afford to go to uni?

  • Full question:  Im not sure how I can afford to go to uni as I think it will be really expensive. How can I find out more?


    HI there, there is help avaiable. SAAS website is good.

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  • Full question: I want to know if the is a duvet provided in the university accommodation/


    Yes, every student in University Accommodation is provided with a new duvet and pillow at the beginning of the year.

    You will need to bring your own duvet cover, sheets and pillowcase, though.


Where do I find my exam timetable?

  • Full question: I want to know when me exams are so I can workout travel plans but I can't find them!



    you can view information about your exams on Pegasus. If you go onto the Strathclyde University website, select Pegasus from the students/staff menu and log in with your log in details you will get onto the Pegasus homepage. From there you should select the "services" tab and then the link "classes and exam timetable" by following that link you should be able to view your examined classes, the times of your exams and their locations. Hope this information helps you out!

    Uni and Studies


  • Full question: I know this is a really stupid question but I'm really scared of heights and hate going to the Cineworld on Renfrew Street, are there other cinemas in glasgow that aren't so damn high?!



    Yes, there are a few other cinemas in Glasgow! There is an Oden at The Quay: this is the link to the cinemas website.

    There's also an Oden in Braehead - this is the link.

    There's a cinema on Ashton Lane too - this is the link.

    Hope this helps!

    There is also the Glsgow Film Theatre on Rose St (just off Sauchiehall Street) that shows alot of more niche and smaller films. It also holds special events showing a certain type of film (such as foreign language, British independant, Anime etc.). So if you're looking for films that are slightly different from the norm, I'd definitely recommend it!

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More to student life?

  • Full question: Student life isn't what i thought it would be. My flatmates harly ever want to go out but I'm sure there must be more to uni than going to classes and playng Xbox but I'm not seeing it.


    Hi there, student life can be great if you get involved with sports, clubs and socieites. There is all sorts of things on offer at the union. I have provided the link for the list of clubs on offer at the union if you click here. I would reccommend finding a club, society or sport which interests you, getting in contact with them and going along because they can be a great way to meet like-minded people.

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