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Statement on the UK Government immigration proposals

Statement on the UK Government immigration proposals

Raj Jeyaraj - President

Since the Conservative Party conference, the UK government has made clear its intention to reduce immigration, outlining measures that will negatively affect both current students and graduates of Strathclyde. We support all international students as they are attacked by an increasingly xenophobic government.

The proposals include1 requiring companies to list the proportion of foreign workers, introducing a “controlling migration fund” and restricting some universities from recruiting international students.

We acknowledge that the proposals made do not stand alone but are a part of a broader sustained attack by the UK government on migrant’s rights and freedoms. These include the removal of the post study work visa, landlords mandated to check immigration statuses of all their tenants in England, and non-EU students charged to use the NHS2. In addition, while as Home secretary, the newly appointed Prime Minister deported 48,000 students illegally3 showing a disregard for international students’ rights and the rule of law. Collectively these policies and the associated rhetoric make our students feel unwelcome and unsafe.

We have a proud history of campaigning in support of the rights of migrants4 and will continue to be a socially progressive Union. We support of our international students, and will work to remind local and national decision makers of the many benefits of migration.

Raj Jeyaraj, the first international student President of the University of Strathclyde Students' Association said, “We need to come together in vocal opposition to the increasing xenophobia of our government. We must take action as remaining silent tells the thousands of international students at Strathclyde that this is all ok. We should unite for a diverse, progressive, global society”

We clearly oppose these proposals; international students are an integral part of Strathclyde University, our economy, and our society. Instead of exploiting, vilifying, and scapegoating, the government should be exploring methods of ensuring such talent remains in our country.

The Student Association thanks the Scottish government for their supportive words5, and will endeavour to work with the University of Strathclyde, NUS Scotland, NUS UK, campus trade unions and other civil society organisations in support of the rights of all migrants.


If you would like to get involved, contact Raj on ussa.president@strath.ac.uk and Students with concerns about how immigration laws might affect them should contact The Advice Hub, ussa.advice@strath.ac.uk

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