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Executive Committee 4 Report – 26/10/2015

Executive Committee 4 Report – 26/10/2015


Updates – (What You’ve Done!) 

1.        Students Not Suspects – PREVENT motion presented to the Equality & Diversity Cte.  Event speakers confirmed from NUS, FOSIS, UCU Scotland and Justice for Sheku Bayoh.  Videos were created and speeches given during Friday Prayers, with an overall attendance of 100 on Friday night.  Multiple issues raised from University Security and Police Scotland due to the nature of the event and speakers attending.

2.        Black History Month – documentary about Palestine called ‘Occupation 101’was screened by BME and SUMSA.  Three other screenings were held which showed collaboration by BME, LGBT+ and SWAN.

3.        International Student Walkout – video has been taken highlighting changes to Immigration and the new Immigration Bill.  Policy passed at Student Parliament.  Meeting held with NUS ISO to discuss further promotion of walkout.

4.        Hate Crime Training – first of Academic Year took place on Monday 5th October and was well attended by staff, Officers and students.

5.        Microwave – students reported there was no facility to use a microwave on Level 11 of Livingstone Tower.  VPD and VPS have visited the common room and found staff has fully equipped areas which are not accessible by students.

6.        My World Needs – helped Democracy & Representation Co-ordinator and Student Advisor to reach out to students and got 100 different ideas for campaigning.  Please note students were enthusiastic and engaging.

7.        International Student Guarantor Scheme – meeting with the Principal to discuss this further.  If not accepted, demand during International Student Walkout.

8.        Interfaith Week – met all Faith groups and committees, except Christian Union and Catholic Society.  An Interfaith Working Group has been established and plan to meet with CU and Catholic Society as soon as possible.

9.        Go Global – working on accessibility. Check list with Ann Duncan from Disability Services.  Looking forward to Lyon.

10.    Disabled Student Group – emailed all disabled students.  Awaiting confirmation from Corporate Comms.  First meeting on Wednesday in Diversity Room.

11.    Strath Stoptober – still stopped smoking and found it difficult.  Video up, but lengthy at 17 minutes, perhaps Advice Hub and Sports & Wellbeing could shorten it to 5 minutes.  I’ll speak to VPSW to liaise with the Advice Hub.

12.    SUMSA Building – met with SUMSA President, Equality & Diversity Manager from University and Estates representatives to discuss repairs and refurbishment for St Paul’s.  Still no confirmation of what will happen to St Paul’s post 2018.  I would like Exec to raise the St Paul’s issue at any meetings with Estates.

13.    Training – attended Equality training about Intersectionality and Inclusion from which a few actions arose in terms of Inclusion to the Union.  Also attended Bi Conference workshops held about LGBT+ and Disabilities, plus LGBT+ and Race.  Training was attended by LGBT+ President.

What Next! 

1.        Email all attendees of Students Not Suspects event to create an SNS Scotland Working Group.

2.        Create a video explaining aims and FAQs of Walkout

3.        Organise Hate Crime Training Part 2 next month in conjunction with Islamaphobia “Awareness Month”

4.        Explore feasibility of fitting a microwave, kettle and fridge on Level 11 of Livingstone Tower for student use with VPS

5.        Help organise My World Needs Campaign training

6.        Arrange to meet with the Principal to check for feasibility of International Student Guarantor Scheme

7.        Organise Scottish International Faith Week

8.        Going Global to Lyon

9.        Arrange Working Group for Disability History Month

10.    Go to training for Welfare Zone Conference + Equality Network training for trainers on Intersectionality & Inclusion 

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