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The Big USSA Mental Health Study

1 in 3 people are negatively affected by their mental health during their lives.  Strathclyde has a student population of 22,000 which means that 7,000 people studying at Strathclyde could be struggling with their mental health.  With such high statistics, the USSA Executive Team has decided to initiate a study to find out about your mental health experiences and how you feel about the support available on campus.


Any information you give us will be treated anonymously but please be aware that we would like to share your statements with the University as we work with them to try improve services on campus.  This study follows on from USSA's We Need Counselling campaign last year which highlighted the decreased counselling provision on campus, something we are still trying to change.


Please share your experiences of poor mental health or mental illness with us. These accounts can be personal or about a freind, flatmate or fellow student. Did you access mental health services on campus? What was your experience?


If you are not comfortable adding your statement to our study online but you would like to be involved please get in touch and we can arrange for you to meet up with someone who can take down your statement and add it to the data we've collected. 


If you are currently struggling with your mental health or are worried about someone else please speak to a member of staff at our Advice Hub or get in touch with Nightline if you'd like to speak, text or online chat anonymously. 

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