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International Buddy Programme

Meet new people and make a difference to someone's University experience.

- Do you want to make international friends without leaving Scotland?
- Would you like to add 'mentor experience' to your CV?
- Want to make a positive impact on someone's Uni experience? 
- Are you an international student looking for a friendly face when you start Uni?

The International Buddy Programme is a peer support system that connects current students to new international students to help them adjust to Strathclyde student life. 

Each Mentor will be matched with up to two new incoming international students (Buddies). We try to match based on your availability to contact your new Buddy upon arrival, degree, and common interests. 

If you are interested in being a Mentor click here. Mentor applications are now closed. Registration will re-open in September.

If you are a new international student and would like to be a Buddy click here

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