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Class Rep or Course Rep?

We know that a one size fits all approach does not satisfactorily encompass the needs of different departments or the students within. However, it is also important that all students - regardless of what department they study or what electives they are taking - have access to a student representative who has direct knowledge of the class, its curriculum, delivery of the material (both in-class and through resources like VLEs), method of assessments, and feedback. There are several models of student representation currently in use at the university.

Class Reps
Some departments - especially if they have a wide range of modules so students can mould their own degree to individuals specification - find that having reps for each class is the most effective.

Course (Year) Reps
Other departments - especially ones where there is less variability and most students take the same set of modules - find that course representatives (also sometimes called year representatives) work best as they can get a bigger picture of their peers' educational experience.

There is also a combo approach that some departments find very useful as there are Course Reps elected at the start of the year and then additional Class Reps for electives that are not covered by the Course Reps. This allows the department to get a holistic view of the student learning experience but also ensures that all classes have an appointed rep to ensure quality remains high in both non-elective and elective modules.

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