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General Health

Your time at University will have many good and bad points and one of the bad points will be falling ill. This can affect your health, your studies, your exams and heaven forbid your social life!



Health Benefits – HC1 forms:


If you are under 19 and in full-time education then you are entitled to free health care under the NHS.


Once you reach 19, you will have to apply for help with health costs by filling in the HC1 form, available from ASK.  Once your HC1 form has been assessed it can entitle you to help towards the cost of:

  • NHS prescriptions;
  • NHS dental treatment;
  • NHS wigs and fabric supports;
  • sight tests, glasses and contact lenses; and
  • travel to receive NHS treatment if referred by a doctor or dentist.

If you are unsure how to fill in the form just ask and someone will give you a hand.


It might be worth noting that in Scotland eye sight tests (every two years) and dental check ups are free of charge now so are prescriptions.


If you’re reading this having already paid for treatment but you think you are eligible for help you can fill out an HC5 form, also available from the Advice Hub, to get your money back.  You will need receipts for your treatment, which you send away with your form.  There are time limits on what you can claim so check the form to see if your claim is valid. 


Free Condoms:


ASK is a distribution site for Free Condoms, a Glasgow-wide service that people can access free condoms from.  We provide a range of different condoms, femidoms, dental dams and also lubricant.  Don’t be shy about coming in and asking for them, condoms are expensive so if you can get them for free why not?!  We also have information on other types of contraception if you need it.




Local Chemists:


If you’re not feeling well but aren’t at death’s door you can save yourself time –and your doctor’s time- by going to speak to a pharmacist about what you can take to self medicate your illness. This will normally apply to coughs, colds, stomach upsets and other minor ailments.  If you’re not sure where your nearest chemist is check out this handy list.


Student Health:


The Student Health Service is based on the 2nd floor of the Livingstone Tower. Student Health deal primarily with physical and emotional difficulties, relating to a student's academic performance. It is manned by visiting doctors from the local hospitals so you can sometime see a specialist quicker by going to Student Health that waiting from a referral from you doctor. Student Health is also a Free Condoms distribution site so if ASK is ever closed and you’re in need of some condoms Student Health will be able to help you out. 


Finding a GP:


While at University it is inevitable that you will feel under the weather or suffer from some kind of illness, often within the first few weeks when Freshers Flu does the rounds.  If you are still living at home you will already have a GP but if you are new to Glasgow you must register with a local GP. 


Where you registry depends on where you live so find one near your accommodation. NHS24 has a services finder that can help you locate various health services.

Student Health also has GPs you can see as well as being able to help you find a local GP.  It is also important to remember that when you move accommodation around Glasgow that you move GPs to free up space on the list for new students arriving.




You should only go to hospital if you have had an accident or think you have a real emergency case otherwise you will only end up waiting for an awfully long time and potentially take doctors away from people who really need them.  If you aren’t sure whether to go to hospital or wait to see a GP you can call NHS 24 or visit their website to get some advice.  If you do need to go to a hospital here is a list of your options. 

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