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Freshers' FAQs

What is Freshers’ Week?

A festival to launch you into University life, run by the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (USSA) or more commonly known as the Union. This is the biggest student party of your four or more years at University. You’ll already have an idea what student life is all about, but by the end of Freshers’ Week – you’ll know. The experience will stay with you for life!

What happens in Freshers’ Week?

There are events running from Saturday 10th - Sunday 18th September from 10am to 3am. We have loads of events from speed meetings and cocktail master classes to live bands / DJs, plus a Freshers’ Fair to get loads of freebies and find out about clubs, societies and sports you may want to take part in throughout your year! We finish the week with a massive Freshers’ finale with more live music and special guest appearances. On top of that, there are also Welcome events for Postgrad students, campus tours and even a handy free trip to Ikea.

A guide to the week with full times and locations called is included in the Student Guide will be mailed out to you towards the end of August / early September. You can look at the Student Guide online right now on issuu! Plus you can stay in the loop via this site and our Facebook page!

Are all events during Strathclyde Freshers’ Week held in the Union?

Yes, except for Sports events such as the Sports Fair (part of the main Freshers’ Fair which is held at University Centre opposite Union next to the Centre for Sport & Recreation), the Rugby Varsity match etc.

Where exactly is the Union on campus?

We are based at 90 John Street, G1 1JH. Check out the map below:

What is a Freshers' Card?

The  Freshers’ Card gets you free entry to all paid for events during Freshers’ Week plus bonus week events the week after Freshers' Week. It also gives you priority access to the building with a 15 minute advance entry to busy nights during Freshers' Week. The card costs £30 and can be bought in advance at: www.strathstudents.com/shop/freshers16

What is a Gold Card?

The Gold Card is a combination of a Freshers’ Card and Union entry pass which gets you free entry to all events during Freshers’ Week plus a host of events throughout the year such as Halloween, St. Andrews night and St Patrick’s night plus a host of vouchers to use at the Union. It also gives you priority access to the building with a 15 minute advance entry to busy nights. The Gold Card costs £50 and can be bought in advance at: www.strathstudents.com/shop/freshers16

How much is a Gold Card?

The 2016 Gold Card costs £50; it will save you well over £50 if you were to add up the value of everything (individual event prices, building entry and food & drinks vouchers).

How do I buy a Freshers' Pass/ Gold Card?

You can buy online now securely through our online shop. When you’ve completed your purchase you’ll get an email confirming it with details of where to collect your wristband & card. Online pass sales end on Friday 9th September at 1pm.

Receiving your email confirms that you’re all signed up for a pass – there’ll be one waiting for you when you arrive in Freshers’ Week! All you need to do is print it out (or have the email on your phone) and bring it along with you to the pick-up points mentioned in the email to collect your pass. You will need photo id along with your email confirmation.

The final way to get hold of a pass is in person, you can come to Reception of the Union building, 90 John Street, G 1 1JH to purchase with cash, card or cheque on Saturday or Sunday 10/11th September from 10-7pm. There will also be staff selling passes at Todd's Bar during the day but you will need to check there on the day. On Saturday the 10th there will be Welcome Team members at Halls of Residence if you are moving in then who will point you in the right direction!

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a deal where you get a Gold Card (Freshers’ pass for the week, free entry into S1 & 2 events plus Union vouchers) plus a University branded hoodie. You can also add on helpful items you may need for your course or sports team like lab coats and ties to your order. You can buy bundles now at: www.strathstudents.com/shop/freshers16

Where do I collect my Freshers' Pass,Gold Card and /or Bundle?

Between Tuesday 9th August – Monday 5th September (10am – 4pm Weekdays Only)
Reception (Ground Floor) OR The Cash Office (Level 9)
Union Building, 90 John Street, G1 1JH - 24 hours after order submission only.

Weekdays from the 6th September and During Freshers' Week* you can still collect passes and gain entry to the Union building at the following locations and times:
- 10am until 6pm: Reception OR The Cash Office
- 7pm until 10pm: Duty Manager, Level 9 of the Union

Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th, and Saturday 17th September* You will receive a voucher for your hoodie to collect at a later date, but you can still collect passes and gain entry to the Union building at the following locations and times
- 12noon until 7pm:
Union Reception or ask for the Duty Manager
- 7pm until 10pm: Duty Manager, Level 9 of the Union

What is the Welcome Team and how will I know them?

The Welcome Team are a group of volunteers who can help answer any questions you may have during Freshers’ Week; they will be wearing brightly coloured t-shirts with Welcome Team ‘16 on them so are easily identifiable. You will see them around campus, Halls and the Union from Saturday 10th September onwards.

There are lots of other passes being sold, which one do I choose?

We are the ONLY OFFICIAL providers of events during Strathclyde Freshers’ Week please don’t buy passes or purchase anything unless you are sure you know what you are getting for your money! If you are in doubt ask at the Union, 90 John Street, or ask an official Welcome Team member / member of Staff from the USSA or the University of Strathclyde and they will help you.
Official Strathclyde Freshers’ Week 16 passes and Gold Cards are available to buy online at www.strathstudents.com/shop/freshers16 or in person from the Union Building.

What happens if I’ve lost my pass?

Please treat the Freshers' Cards and Gold cards with care and treat them like cash as they cannot be replaced.  If you do lose it though please talk to a member of staff in the Finance Office, L9 Union Building.

Who can come to Freshers’ Week?

Anyone can come to Strathclyde Freshers’ Week! We prioritise 1st year Strathclyde students but we know that you are a sociable bunch and may want to meet other students from different years; colleges / universities and also may want to bring a friend along who isn’t going to the Strathclyde.  

They must have a student card and a pass (or pay into the event if they haven’t bought a pass), or they must be signed in by you if they are not a student; you must be able to prove you are a student in order to sign in non-students. You can prove you are at Strathclyde with your Matriculation card or if you haven’t registered by the time of the event you should bring along an acceptance letter from the University or similar.

Anyone who is not a Strathclyde student MUST be 18 or over to come to the Union.

I’m 17 in September; can I still buy a pass and go to events at the Union?

As long as you are a Strathclyde student, yes. Although you can’t purchase alcohol, you can still attend all the events at the Union.

I’m a 2-5th year, postgraduate or Erasmus/exchange student; can I still buy a pass and go to events?

Yes you are eligible to buy a Freshers’ Pass / Gold Card and take part in Freshers’ Week events and beyond.

I’m a student at another institution; can I still buy a pass and go to events?

Yes as long as you are 18 or over you can attend by buying a pass. You can also pay into individual events but please come early to avoid disappointment as occasionally we will have to prioritise those with Freshers’ Passes.

I’m not a student; can I still go to events at Strathclyde?

Yes as long as you are signed in by a student and are 18 or over.

Strathclyde students are allowed to sign in 4 non-students; students from other institutions are allowed to sign in 1 non-student. During busy times (such as Freshers’ Week) we will occasionally have to prioritise Strathclyde students, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for events to ensure you and your guests get in.

Is Freshers’ Week only about entertainment and fun? What about registration and induction?

Whilst there is a LOT of entertainment, information and fun to be had…there’s also a lot of important official stuff you need to make sure you take care of during Freshers’ Week. You need to register your details with the University in order to get your Student Card (which also doubles up as your Union Loyalty Card) and may have to go to a couple of induction session for each of your classes etc. The University manages this side of things and the details are all here: http://www.strath.ac.uk/studywithus/registration/.

My question isn’t answered here!

Get in touch via ussa.memberfeedback@strath.ac.uk; ask a question on Facebook or Twitter


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