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Exam Bootcamp

The finalised exam timetable for semester 2 2016/17 has now been released and is available on Pegasus or through the University of Strathclyde mobile app. Exams start on the 18th April 2017 and run until the 19th May 2017. 

What you should do now:

  • Check the dates of each of your exams and write these down somewhere that you check often - a diary, email calendar, wall calendar, etc. 
  • Find out the time of your exam and where it's due to take place - make sure that you know how to find the room. Information about exam locations is available here
  • Start thinking and planning how you will organise your revision time effectively. Study Skills have lots of resources online about preparing for exam success to get you started!

Exam Bootcamp 

There will be more information later in the semester about Exam Bootcamp and the events that will be running.

Exam Bootcamp involves mutliple University Support Services who are all here to support you througout the year but especially during exams!

What happens if things go wrong?

Sometimes it doesn't matter how prepared you are, unexpected things can happen which disrupt your exams, potentially affect your grades or mean you're notable to sit them at all.  It that's the case then The Advice Hub is here to support you with that too and can discuss your situation with you, how to handle it and help you write your Personal Circumstances Form


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