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Exam Preparation

Getting ahead of the game...

The more prepared you are the better your exams will be.  If you think your study technique needs some work you can get lots of tips from the Study Skills Team availble on MyPlace but one of the key things you can do is make time for your revision.  Don't leave it all until the last minute, the more time the information has to sink in the better which is why we're started Exam Bootcamp earlier this year.

Plan your time, below are day and week planners to you can keep yourself on track.  You might have to be strict with yourself and decide how to make the most of your time by limiting social activites or rearranging shifts at work or alternatively plan how you can maximise your time and not miss out on the things you normally enjoy or are already committed to.  Simply ways to maximise your time are to get up early and study before the day has really got going or are you best to have time during the day that you know you are always going to use to study so that you know you're affectively not free 1-4pm any day.  Below are some handy revision guides and planners from Study Skills to help you get organised and get the grades you want.

Now no one loves getting up early if they don't have to but would you rather have a few early mornings, get better exam results and get that job you've always dreamed of - or an extra couple of hours in bed? Long term no brainer really isn't it?  So basically suck it up, get those revision notes out, get in the zone and study, study, study!!

Exam Bootcamp Day Planner.doc45.5 KB
Exam Bootcamp Week Planner.docx29.87 KB
Exam Bootcamp Revision Planner.docx34.63 KB
Exam Bootcamp Making Revision Active.doc118.5 KB

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