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Exam Health & Wellbeing

During exams it isn't uncommon for people to forget to look after themselves.  Knowing every possible thing about a subject is great but not if it means that by the day of the exam your body and mind aren't capable of articulating any of it after too any days and nights or studying on little to zero sleep accompanied with sugar, caffeine and whatever is left in the fridge because everyone is studying too much to get any shopping.


Your body and mind need rest, nourishment and time to switch off when you aren't studying.


Helpful Advice


Food for Thought:

Get advice on health yummy food from Student Health.  During revision and exams it can be hard find time to cook everyday but there are loads of meals that don't take much time as all and are still healthier than either going without anything because you feel you don't have time to eat or living off take aways and convenience foods.  If you can't be bothered cooking for yourself you can always take advantage of the freshly made soups and daily specials at The Union and treat yourself to a lunch break or meet friends over lunch to study together.


Sleep like a champion:

Your brain needs time to chill out after you've spent the day pouring as much information into as you can so make sure you get enough sleep.  If you're finding it difficult to sleep you can try free hypnotherapy tracks or try taking from exercise so your body is as tired as your mind is.


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