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Campus Facilities Petition

Meeting Expectations Campaign
Help the Halls Committee and USSA Campaigns Team lobby the University to provide the facilities that we need at Halls of Residence and throughout the campus. Read the text in the box below, and if you agree, fill in the very short form that follows.

Help us make change for students across the campus!

We, the undersigned, urge the University to provide facilities that meet the needs and expectations of Strathclyde Students living and travelling to campus.

Specifically, we want urgent changes to be implemented with regards to the recycling and laundry facilities currently provided in halls as well as improved cycling and locker accommodation on campus for students travelling to University.

  • Increased number and better quality laundry facilities available

  • Increased recycling facilities available at all halls and in every individual flat

  • Locker space and cycle storage on campus for students travelling to university

We believe that the current facilities are negatively impacting on the student experience of those students living in and travelling to campus and that urgent, yet simple, improvements need to be made to meet expectations and improve the Strathclyde experience.

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