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For most students having a student flat is a big adventure and for the majority of people they find somewhere they like, they fill it with everything they need, they have a great time, make loads of amazing memories and it's an experience that they'll remember fondly and still laugh about many years after graduating!  That said you might need help finding somewhere to stay or you might have need a hand with things once you do.  So we've put together some handy pages to help you find somewhere you'll love and know what to do if anything doesn't go to plan.  Advice Hub staff are always here to help so come in and see us and we'll see how we can help you.


How do I find somewhere to live?


Once upon a time student housing was a shabby flat with a dodgy landlord. The rules have tightened up a bit since then, and in general things have got a lot better.  If you're currently looking for somewhere to stay or just want to be super organised for next year you can find lots of information on where to look in our Finding Housing section.


What if things go wrong?

If you're having trouble with your student property, whether it's private flats, private halls, Uni halls, council housing or you're thinking of moving out of your parents' house and aren't sure how to break the news we can talk it through with you and help you work out the best course of action.  It doesn't matter if it's an issue with flatmates, getting repairs done, things you don't think sound quite right from your landlord or letting agent or please just come and ask us for help.   We are currently updating the information on the website it these areas so more information will be available online soon.





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